New English Conversation Video For Kids 2 子供向けの新しい英会話ビデオ2

Hello, everyone.  I hope that you are coping with the heat.  Well, here is the second shapes chant video.  The title is “More Shapes For Children Chant”.  The shapes covered are, diamond, rectangle, and star.

To see the first shapes chant video, please check out  That’s all for now, everyone.  I have to get ready for our special summer courses.



New English Conversation Video For Kids 2 子供向けの新しい英会話ビデオ2」への2件のフィードバック

  1. What is the new guy again? (o · · o) / ~
    What you see now how to make Toka Toka pentagon hexagon?
    I want to make many different kinds of things. (° д °) Hosui …

    • Hello, Aquaking. How is your summer so far. Actually, I don’t know what my next video will be. I don’t think I will do any more shapes. Do you have any ideas?




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