楽しいから学ぶ英語!English For the Fun of It!

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You don’t have to have some grand purpose to study English, you can study English just for the fun and enjoyment of expressing yourself in a truly international language.  Below are four stories of people from different walks of life who study English primarily for the fun of it.


A touching letter from Emiko.

高松市英会話 楽し



The first picture is of a letter we received from a student whose husband was transferred away from Takamatsu.  She is a young mother who was a joy to have in class and was liked by the other students.  Her letter was very touching.  Her letter speaks for itself.  I wish that I could write as well as her.

高松市英会話 楽し

Ryoka and some of her favorite things.


Ryoka has really taken to English.  She always shows up to class with a smile on her face and is ready to do her best.  Her interest in English has also extended to western culture.  Although she is only a junior high school student, she has already done a short homestay and has been to some superstar concerts like One Direction and Taylor Swift.  Are you jealous?  Her enjoyment of English has led to great communication skills and also (even though she is modest about it) great English scores at school.

高松市英会話 楽し

A cool kid playing the teacher.


The next picture is of a young student, Daichi.  He has been coming to our school ever since he was in kindergarten.  He is not studying because his parents are making him come, but because he truly enjoys the class.  It shows in his smile every week as we study, talk, and play games, all in English.  Since he enjoys English, he is doing very well in class. When he was in kindergarten, his mom said he was complimented over and over at the kindergarten in English class and the native speaker even had him do demonstrations in English.  Many people asked what English school he goes to.  He is young, but I am confident that he will continue enjoying English and do very well with it for future communications and as a subject in school.

高松市英会話 楽し

Longtime friends, Yuzuru (left) and Nobuyuki (right).


Yuzuru and Nobuyuki started studying English late, but have made up for it with time and effort.  They are both retired gentlemen who wanted to take up English as a fun hobby.  Well, they turned out to be very diligent students.  They study hard every day and are progressing very rapidly.  I recently had to move them up to a higher level class.  Their interest in English also motivated them to take an intensive English course in the Philippines; something they couldn’t have imagined even a few short years ago.

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It’s Spring!

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Facebook Cherry Blossom

4月になりました!今月からKevin’s English Houseでも新年度のスタートです。昨年は、多くの小学生・中学生が英検に合格し、10名もの生徒(特別クラス等の生徒ではなく普通の英会話クラスに通っている生徒たちです!)が、英語の暗唱大会や弁論大会で賞を取りました。英語を仕事で使っている生徒もおり、教室で勉強して海外へ留学、転勤していった生徒もいました(寂しいですが・・・また会えることを楽しみにしています!)。海外旅行に行った生徒も多く、また、毎回毎回の内容の濃い、でも楽しいレッスンを大切にこなして意義のあるものとして吸収してくれた生徒の数は数えられないほどです。何人もの中学生・高校生の生徒が英語の定期テストで100点を取り、中には学年で英語の最高得点を取ったという生徒もいました。塾ではなく英会話教室でこういった成果が出ているのは本当に素晴らしいと思います。

振り返ってみると、なんて素晴らしい年だったんでしょう!でも今年もきっと、去年と同じように、また違った形においても、素晴らしいものになると私は確信しています。この1年の始まりに、私から皆さんにぜひお伝えしたいことがあります。 「これからの1年、皆さんに英語を教えることを私は心から楽しみにしていますし、皆さんが上達するべく出来る限りのことをお手伝いしたいと願っています。」 頑張りましょう!

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英語弁論大会、受賞おめでとう!/ Congratulations on the Speech Contests!

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高松市英語弁論大会、ケビンズイングリッシュハウスTakamatsu City English speech contest awards, Kevin's English House.

Congratulations on the English speech contest awards, Haruko, Sora, and Atsuki!

高松市英語弁論大会、ケビンズイングリッシュハウスTakamatsu City English speech contest awards, Kevin's English House.

Congratulations on the English speech contest award, Shota!


Congratulations to Shota who got 2nd in a regional high school speech contest which took place at Takamatsu University in October.  He entered it late and only had one week to memorize it and practice it.  Wow!  Congratulations are also in order for Haruko, Atsuki, and Sora for winning the Takamatsu speech contest.  They took the three spots in the Takamatsu south block.  Wow!  Also, Sora went on to get an award in the prefectural contest.  You guys are awesome!  I can’t wait to see how they will do in high school.   You kids worked very hard.  I was so impressed with your dedication and improvement.  Also, I would like to say thank you to Chisato for her help coaching these students regarding voice and presentation.  I learned a lot, too!


We only teach 10 3rd grade junior high school kids right now, and 5 of them have won awards in speech contests  at the city and prefectural level.  That is just from regular conversation classes.  We don’t have a special class for speeches or presentations.  I’m so happy that my students can communicate in English, enjoy English and are using it to the best of their abilities.


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Mr. International / ミスターインターナショナル



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Toshiaki has been to more than 60 countries.  Read his story below.


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Q.1 当英会話教室Kevin’s English Houseに来ている生徒の中でも、あなたはかなり慣れた旅行者です。今までに何か国を訪れていますか?

A. 60か国以上。

Q.2 英語を勉強していることは旅行先でどのように役立っていますか?

A. 以前に一人旅でベルギーを訪れたことがあります。ベルギーは英語圏ではないのですが、空港で目的のホテルを尋ねたり等、英語ができて助かったことがたくさんありました。一人旅をする時には英語が話せるのは本当に役立ちます。

Q.3 お気に入りの国は?

A. アルゼンチンのウシュアイアです。私が訪れた地で、最遠方かつ最南方。ホーン岬までは行っていません。現地で地図を眺め、今こんなに遠くまで来ているのだと感激しました。

Q.4 Kevin’s English Houseやクラスなどについて一言。

A. カナディアンジョークが盛りだくさんの面白い先生が教えてくれて、クラスはとても楽しいです。Kevin先生は日本語も分かるので、安心してレッスンに参加できます。

Q.5 こんなに頻繁に海外を訪れるようになった最初のきっかけは?

A. 好奇心旺盛?古くは、小学生低学年の時に自転車で十数キロ離れた親戚宅へ一人で往復。高校2年の夏休み、バイクで九州一周。高校3年の夏休み、バイクで北海道一周。就職してからはまとまった休みが取れない環境だったので、行けませんでした。40歳でサラリーマンを辞め、語学(英語・中国語)を習い、年に1~2回ツアーで海外へ。


Q.6 これから海外旅行をしたいと思っている人に何かアドバイスを。

A. やっぱり盗難のリスクの軽減でしょうか?私はパスポートは首からぶらさげています。置き忘れないように・・・。お金も分散してポケットやバッグに。あとは、皆とはぐれてパスポートだけで一人になっても帰国できる英語力を身につける!

Q.7 英語の他に勉強している言語は?

A. スペイン語と中国語です。スペイン語は、中南米に行った時に英語だけでは通じないかなと思ったのと、中国語は、知っていれば13億人の人と話せると思い、勉強を始めました。

Q.8 その他に何か?

A. 高山病の経験があります。ペルーのクスコ(標高3700m)からマチュピチュ往復でなりました。当時の私の知識不足が原因でした。予防策は、水分補給・深呼吸・急の付く動作はしないこと(酸欠につながるので)です。

This is an interview with Toshiaki, a very well-traveled student at Takamatsu Eikaiwa Kevin’s English House.  He truly has traveled the word and the students and I love hearing of his travels and seeing his photos.  He has been coming here for years, and has also been bringing his grandson Koki here since he was three years old.  Not surprisingly, one of Koki’s first words in English was airplane.

Q.1  Your claim to fame at Kevin’s English House is that you are a very seasoned traveler. How many countries have you been to?

  1. Over 60 countries.

Q.2  How has English helped you in your travels?

  1. I have been to Belgium by myself before. Belgium is not an English speaking country, but I could use English at the airport to ask for directions. It helped me a lot during the trips where I could speak English. It is very useful that you can speak English especially when you are traveling alone.

Q.3  What is your favorite country to visit? Why?

  1. Ushuaia in Argentina. This is the southernmost and farthest country that I’ve ever been to. I didn’t go to Cape Horn. I saw a map there and realized how far I’d been. I was very emotional.

Q.4  Can you say something about Kevin’s English House, the classes, or the classmates?

  1. The class is taught by an interesting teacher with plenty of Canadian jokes. It’s a lot of fun. He also understands Japanese, so I can participate in the class without worries.

Q.5  When did you first start thinking of traveling so much?

  1. I’ve always been curious? When I was in grade 1 or 2, I visited my relative by bike, whose house was more than 10 kilometerss away. In the summer of grade 11, I went all around Kyusyu by motorcycle. In the summer of grade 12, I went all around Hokkaido by motorcycle. After I started working, I didn’t travel because I couldn’t take a long vacation. I quit my job at the age of 40, started learning English and Chinese, and started going abroad on a tour once or twice a year.

It was about 8 years ago that I started traveling more often after I got a JAL air mile card. I use the card to pay for my plane tickets, and save 1% as mileage. I travel a lot and finally I could get tickets for free by using my air miles.

Q.6  What advice do you have for people who want to travel around the world?

  1. I think my advice is how to cut down the risk of theft. I always wear my passport around my neck, so that I don’t leave it behind. I also put money in different places, like pockets and bags. And the other thing that you need is English. Even though you get lost and are all alone with your passport, you can speak English and find your way!

Q.7  What other languages do you study?

  1. Spanish and Chinese. I started studying Spanish when I went to South and Central America. I thought English might not be enough. I started studying Chinese because it would help me communicate with 1.3 blillion people.

Q.8  Is there anything else you would like to say?

  1. I have suffered mountain sickness. I got it on the way from Cusco in Peru to Machu Picchu. That happened because of a lack of my knowledge. It can be prevented by having enough water, breathing deeply, and moving slowly.


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2014年高松市小学生英語暗唱大会 / 2014 Takamatsu City Elementary Recitation Contest

英語暗唱大会優秀賞受賞者 高松市英会話教室ケビンズイングリッシュハウス English Recitation Winners Takamatsu City English School Kevin's English House

2014年高松市小学生英語暗唱大会 2014 Takamatsu Elementary School English Recitation Contest Special Award Winners

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I would like to congratulate all of our elementary school students who entered the 2014 Takamatsu City Recitation Contest.  Everybody did great and I was very impressed by their motivation, determination, and how much they improved.   Our students took 2 of 5 special awards in the grades 1-3 category and 4  of 5 special awards in the grades 4-6 category.  All in all, 6 of 10 special awards.  Wow!


This contest was open to ALL elementary students in Takamatsu.  Kids who lived abroad, went to international kindergartens or schools, and kids who have native speaking English parents were allowed to enter.  It is a tough competition, so I once again want to commend everyone who entered and thank them for doing so well.


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大学入試突破、おめでとう!Congratulations on Your Entrance Examinations!

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Haruka at Tokyo University.

Haruka at Tokyo University.

Taku, you will be a great doctor.

Taku, you will be a great doctor.

Yukino at Tokyo University of Foreign Languages.

Yukino at Tokyo University of Foreign Languages.

I’d like to congratulate some of our students who recently passed their university entrance examination tests.  It was imperative that their English tests were great to enter these universities, and I’m glad that I could help them achieve their dreams!  Congratulations to (in alphabetical order) Haruka for entering Tokyo University; Taku  for entering Ehime Medical University; and Yukino for entering Tokyo University of Foreign Languages.  You and your parents said you couldn’t have done it without me.  Of course that’s not true, but you made me feel great saying so.  You all will do great in school.  We are very proud of you and look forward to hearing about your successes in university and beyond.


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神戸市外国語大学の真由さん / Mayu at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

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今、多くの学生が中学校・高校・大学への進学のため、一生懸命に受験勉強をしていると思います。私の英会話教室でも、今までに香川県や四国でトップクラスの中学校や高校に行った生徒を多数教えてきました。また、国内の有名大学(例えば東京大学や慶応・早稲田など)へ進学した生徒達もいます。さらには、海外の大学へ進んだ生徒もいますし、他に、立命館アジア太平洋大学や神戸市外国語大学といった名門の外国語大学へ進学した生徒達もいて、こういった生徒達を教えることができたのは本当に大きな喜びでした。今回、以前教室へ在籍していた生徒の一人で現在は神戸市外国語大学に在学中の学生のインタビューを皆さんにご紹介したいと思います。これによって皆さんが刺激を受けたり、第二外国語として英語を学んでいる学生達がモチベーションを高めたりすることがあれば・・・と期待しています。I know that lots of students are studying hard for entrance tests to junior high school, high school and university now.  We have taught students who have gone to top junior high schools and high schools here in Kagawa and Shikoku.  We have also taught many students who have entered elite universities here in Japan.  Some examples are Tokyo University, Kei, Waseda, etc.  We have also had the pleasure of teaching students who have studied at universities abroad and/or have studied at prestigious language institutes like Ritsumei Asia Pacific University, and Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.  Today, I would like to share with you a little interview with one of our former students and a first year student at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.  I hope that it inspires and motivates some of the students who want to study English in a post-secondary environment.



Q: What is your name?  あなたの名前は何ですか?

A:  My name is Mayu Iwabu.  岩部 真由です。

Q: Where are you from originally? 出身はどちらですか?

A: I was born in Okayama, but Kagawa is the longest place I’ve ever lived.  岡山生まれですが、香川に一番長く住んでいます。

Q: You previously studied at Kevin’s English House in the advanced adults class. Can you say a few things about the students, the school, and or Kevin? あなたは以前、ケビンズ イングリッシュ ハウスの上級クラスで勉強していました。他の生徒たちや教室、またはKevinのことについて少しお話していただけますか?

A: I liked it very much because the atmosphere was good and since there were unique members with different backgrounds, I was able to learn many things from them. It was a lot of fun speaking to older students without worrying about speaking politely like we must in Japanese.  The time went quickly and I couldn’t wait for the next week.  Kevin gave me advice for and helped me with EIKEN and a speech contest.  I got EIKEN pre 1st and I got an award in a speech contest.  My English scores were also at or near the top of the class.  Kevin also taught us some phrases we use in ordinary lives but don’t learn at school besides the basics, and it helped me.  アットホームな雰囲気がよく、とても好きでした。様々なバックグランドのユニークなメンバーがいたため、たくさんのことを学べました。敬語にあまり気を使うことなく目上の人と話せたのは本当に楽しかったです。レッスン中は時間が経つのが早く、次のレッスンが待ち遠しかったです。Kevinには英検や弁論大会のことで助けてもらったりアドバイスをお願いしたりしました。そのお陰で、高校時代に英検準1級に合格し、弁論大会でも賞を取ることができました。また、Kevinからは学校では学べないフレーズを教えてもらい、とても役に立っています。

Q: What university are you going to? どこの大学に通っていますか?

A: I go to Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.  神戸市外国語大学です

Q: Why did you choose the university you are going to now? なぜその大学を選んだのですか?

A: The first reason is that I really wanted to study language. And this university has few students compared to other universities, and I thought it is good to have classes with few people because you can exchange your opinion easily compared to classes with many people. Now I really like my university because you can become friends with other people easily, and have chance to speak with foreigners. I think it is important to get along with many people.  まず第一に、言語の勉強をしたかったからです。それに加え国公立で一番小さい学校ということで、少人数制の授業が多く、少人数制の授業では大人数の授業に比べて発言しやすく、意見交換ができると思ったからです。小さい学校なのでいろいろな人とすぐ友達になれたり、留学生と交流する機会があったりします。人との出会いは本当に大切だと最近改めて実感することが多いです。

Q: You are obviously a very accomplished English speaker and you did great on test in high school, and you are going to a special language oriented school. What advice can you give to kids who want to do well in English?  あなたは言うまでもなくかなり英語に堪能で、高校時代も良い成績を修め、現在は外国語大学に通っています。英語が上手になりたいと願っている子供たちへ、何かアドバイスをお願いできますか?

A: Language is part of culture, so I think you can learn culture by speaking and learning those languages. I think you can be interested in those languages if you find difference between your mother tongue and foreign languages. Getting interested in something is the best way to be good at it. 言語は文化の一部であり、言語を話したり学んだりすることで、その国の文化を知ることができます。 例えば、自分の母国語と外国語の間に違いを見つけたり、そんな発見があった時には言語というものに興味をもつことができると思います。好きこそものの上手なれというように、まずは興味をもつことが大事だ思います。

Q: What are some of the tests you have taken or some of your accomplishments in English?今までに受けたことのある英語に関する資格試験について教えてください。

A: 英検準一級 TOEIC 860点

Q: What job would you like in the future? 将来どういった職業に就きたいですか?

A: I haven’t decided yet, but I want to work globally. I really like speaking with foreign people, so I will study some languages and be able to use those languages and be helpful to people.  まだ考えているところですが、グローバルな仕事をしたいです。外国の人と話すのが好きなので、これから様々な言語を身につけ、その言語能力で人の役に立てるような仕事がしたいです。

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